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Over 1,000,000 units in use worldwide in more than 20,000 locations
Why Skatestoppers?

Each year millions of skateboarders, rollerbladers, and bikers take to the streets in search of the best places to skate and ride. Even with the rapid growth of skate park facilities nationally, your property has become a practice ground for disruptive and destructive activity.    

What is deemed by skaters and bikers as "creative expression" is costing you money.
In their aftermath, they leave black stained, broken, and worn concrete (and you're lucky if that is all). You are left facing the daunting task of clean-up, repair and replacement.  

Don't spend another dollar in cleanup or repair, and don't start another construction project (soon to be an unofficial skate park) until you have contacted us.

SKATESTOPPERS® skate deterrents are specially designed brackets that deter unwanted skateboarding/biking by eliminating the long, smooth edges that skaters and bikers seek out. In effect, they are speed bumps for your walls, handrails, curbs, etc. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. We manufacture across several technologies (castings, extrusions, injection molding) and we offer full design and engineering services (see our Custom Services section of the website)                              

Shown here are custom bronze bars that are inserted and grouted into saw cuts in the granite substrate.  

Shown here are standard parts affixed to bench edges.