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D 90-8
(for square corner)
D R05-8
(for 1/2" radius)
Diamond Insert Series 
Stainless Steel
A growing concern among designers has been the inability to integrate parts in to the design of the wall.  The "Insert" Line addresses this concern by offering sleek looking designs that integrate our skate deterrent into the expansion joints/grout lines of pre-cast concrete and stone walls. If needed, these parts can be "cut-in" (bonded into saw cut joints).  The parts below are production ready and serve as a guide for other options that are available.  

If you intend on using an insert piece on one of your projects, be sure to contact us prior to specifying. Please note that reproduction and or modification of these designs is controlled by applicable copyright and patent laws.

Choosing a Part 
Click the "Submittal" button below each part number to view the profiles of the Insert Series parts.  You can print and cut out these full scale parts and check them for the best fitting bracket to your particular application.  NOTE: IN ORDER FOR DRAWINGS TO PRINT TO SCALE, MAKE SURE "PAGE SCALING" IN YOUR PRINTER OPTIONS IS SET TO "NONE". 

Material Choice
These Insert Series parts are available in 316 Stainless Steel with Brushed Finish.

D 135-8
(for chamfer)
D 90-12
(for square corner)
D R05-12
(for 1/2" radius)
D 135-12
(for chamfer)
D R1-8
(for 1" radius)
Diamond Insert Series (for 6''-12'' curbing)
D 90-6
(square corner)
D 135-6
(for chamfer)
D R05-6
(for 1/2'' radius)
D R025-6
(for 1/4'' radius)
D R1-6
(for 1" radius)
NOTE: All stainless parts have a minimum order of 6 pieces