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FA 90A
(for square corner)
FA 902.5
(for 1/2" radius)
Surface Mount FA and FR Series
The basic distinction between the FA and the FR Series is the relative positioning of the anchor pins on the skate deterrent.  In the patented FA Series skate deterrent (with the exception of FA90CC), the bracket is elongated on both ends from the corner such that pins can be inserted into the substrate at mutually exclusive planes (ie/ one pin in the face of the wall and one pin in the top of the wall).  In the FR Series skate deterrent, the bracket is shortened on one end such that both pins are inserted into the same plane (ie/ both pins in the top of the wall).  Although the FA Series parts provide an optimal pinning solution, the FR Series is preferred in cases where the angle created by the top of the wall and the face of the wall is other than 90 degrees (except for chamfer applications which use the FA135).  See drawings at right for examples (NOTE: You need Adobe Acrobat to view these files).

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Choosing a Part 
Click the "Submittal" button below each part number to view the profiles of the FA and FR Series parts.  You can print and cut out these full scale parts and check them for the best fitting bracket to your particular application. NOTE: IN ORDER FOR DRAWINGS TO PRINT TO SCALE, MAKE SURE "PAGE SCALING" IN YOUR PRINTER OPTIONS IS SET TO "NONE".  

For photos of the parts, mounting hardware options, and colors, click on the "Details" button.

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Before ordering, click here for a scaled drawing of Standard Product Profiles.

Material Finish
FA and FR Series parts are available in 6061-T6 Aluminum (Type II Clear Anodize or Hard Anodize).  Refer to "Details" sheets for finish options.

FA 135
(for chamfer)
FR 0.12
(for square corner)
FR 0.5
(for 1/2" radius)
FR 1.0
(for 1" radius)
(for curb)
FR 0.12BC
(for plank seating)
FR 0.25PC
(for plastic dipped seating)

NOTE: FA/FR Series have a minimum order of 10 pieces
NOTE: Specialty Clips have a minimum order of 20 pieces
FA/FR Series
Specialty Clips